Posted by: waynebreitbarth | June 3, 2013

LinkedIn Infographic: Is LinkedIn REALLY Helping People?

The results of my annual LinkedIn survey are in! And my talented friend, Liz Carver, has displayed them in an awesome infographic.

Feel free to share it using the share buttons below or using this link to my website page, where you will find the embed code to post this directly onto your social media sites.

You can download the complete results of the survey on the 
Free Resources page of my website.

Next week I’ll share my opinions about the results as well as some trends I’ve seen over the fours years I’ve been doing the survey. Enjoy!

Linkedin Infographic Via: PowerFormula for Linkedin Success


  1. Hi Wayne, can you provide more information about your sample pool – number of people surveyed and demographics? Thank you!

    • Hi Brenda

      The sample was made up of over 550 folks from my mailing list, my LinkedIn connections and my LinkedIn groups. You can get a copy of the full results on the free resources page of my website:

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