Posted by: waynebreitbarth | August 5, 2012

LinkedIn Status Updates: You Want More Exposure…..or Not?

Are you looking for a way to:

How often are you sending out LinkedIn status updates?


  • Get more exposure for you and your business?
  • Establish yourself as a thought leader in your market?
  • Get answers to some of your most difficult business questions?
Most people are hoping LinkedIn will help them accomplish one or more of these goals.
If that is the case, then I am wondering why only about 5 percent of my audiences are sending out at least one individual LinkedIn status update per week.I can only conclude that, in general, people still don’t understand this is the best way to accomplish all three of the goals listed above. 
Thus, to help bridge that education gap, I am going to share with you:

The Five W’s of LinkedIn Individual Status Updates

Who (are you talking to):  To your LinkedIn network, of course — one of your most treasured assets — and specifically your first-level LinkedIn connections. This group should be made up of all the people you have brought into your inner circle along with present, past and future customers, industry experts, referral sources, etc. Remember — by connecting with you, these people have chosen to hear from you, so they are waiting.  
What (are you supposed to say):  Share information you feel could resonate with some portion of your audience. Don’t worry if the information doesn’t apply to everyone in your network, but instead concentrate your efforts on sharing the type of information your target audience is hoping you will bring to them. Don’t worry whether your friends from college will find it interesting, unless, of course, they are your customers or potential customers.
Always include a link to a web page. This could be your own website. Then LinkedIn grabs a photo from that web page, and these status updates typically get more looks because the photo (or video in the case of YouTube) catches a reader’s eye.
Don’t hesitate to share the same great information every few weeks. Remember — not everyone reads everything every time.   
When (are you supposed to share/post):  I have read and read and read opinions and surveys until I can’t read any more about what is the best time to post a status update to get the most people to read your post. Here is what I found. There is no clear-cut consensus on this other than the majority of the people are typically on LinkedIn during normal working hours. That being said, I have had some success with the weekends because of less traffic and more time to spend on this stuff.  
A great example is this weekly email. I always send it out on Sunday afternoon, though some people think that’s crazy. I have tested other times, but this is when I get the best open rates. Go figure!
How often should you send status updates? Well, most people are not in danger of having their audience start using the “Hide” setting! So get started by setting a goal of three next week, and try to work yourself up to one a day Monday through Friday. Send them at different times of the day. Then in a few weeks surprise your audience and send one on a weekend to see what happens.  
Where (do you share/post):  Start by posting your update in the “Share an update” box on the top of your homepage. That will get it out to your network. You can give this post more legs by using the “Share” button. You can share this same post with any of your LinkedIn groups, your Twitter followers, and even individuals who are not on LinkedIn.


Why (should you share/post):  I think we have come full circle from my initial question: Because you want more exposure, thought leadership status, and answers to your most challenging questions.  


For additional ideas on what to post, be sure to read “LinkedIn Status Updates-The 7 Do’s and Don’ts.




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