Posted by: waynebreitbarth | May 14, 2012

Best LinkedIn Features for Lead Generation

I have been doing a lot of traveling lately, meeting people all over the country and sharing my LinkedIn stories and advice. More and more people are taking advantage of the special pricing I offer to my live audiences on my most popular DVD training bundle, which includes my beginner class and my intermediate class, a full three hours of detailed, action-packed LinkedIn training. 


So I thought I would have an online sale for you, my weekly readers, and offer this same bundle (either in DVD form or download) for just $69, the lowest price ever, for one week only. 



Last week we learned about the #1 lead generation tool on LinkedIn, the dynamic duo of Advanced People Searching and Save Searches. As promised, this week I am going to bring you the best of the rest in an easy-to-use checklist. Be sure to refer back to this every few months to make sure you are maximizing your efforts on LinkedIn, the #1 social media lead-generation platform based on Hubspot’s latest survey.  


The Definitive Checklist of the Best LinkedIn Features for Lead Generation


Optimize your individual profile by including the following tools/sections:
Three website links: The only place on your profile you can hyperlink people to the web. files app: Include white papers, checklists, and other customer-focused resources.

SlideShare app: Similar to but also can add video.

WordPress or Bloglink app: Include a blog from yourself or your company.

Twitter link: Include your account on your profile and encourage followers.

Summary: Mention how people can get ahold of you or other resources.

Headline: 128 characters. This is the most seen information about you. Be creative and use keywords.

Job Descriptions: Discuss specific client situations and results and how you can help them.

Keywords, keywords, and more keywords: Include them as part of your expertise and credibility story.


Share status updates with links to resources from your company and other industry leaders.


Design a separate landing page on your website with resources, guides, checklists. Use your LinkedIn profile, status updates, and group discussions to direct people to these helpful documents.


Join up to 50 groups, and listen, share, and connect. The bigger the group the better.


Search for people in your extended network (2nd and 3rd degree) who look like they would be in the market for your products and services, and invite them to be a part of your network by using a customized invitation and sharing with them why you would be a good connection.

Connect with your best and smartest industry experts. Monitor their status updates, and “Share” them frequently with your LInkedIn network. 


Monitor the people who follow your competitors’ company pages. There might be gold in them thar hills.


Visit the LinkedIn Answers page for your industry. People are asking questions you can answer. There’s even a place for a link to your website as part of the answer.


Establish a company page, making sure to include the following tools/sections:

Products & Services: Include links to your website, customer testimonial videos, recommendations, and much more.

Status Updates: Grow your list of followers, and then talk to them. They are waiting to hear from you. After all, it is why they chose to follow you in the first place.

Blog link: Just another place for you to gain exposure for the information you have already written.


CheckPeople You May Know” often. Remember, connections are the gas in the tank on LinkedIn; the more you have, the further you go. 


ReviewWho’s Viewed Your Profile” daily. These people are checking you out for a reason, and if you find potential customers did just that, contact them. This is money! 


Consider taking out a direct LinkedIn ad for the exact people and companies you would like to do business with. It’s not that expensive, and you can set a small daily budget (as low as $10/day) and see how it goes. It’s pretty cool when you stop and think about that.  


Check out this free resource. I think you are going to love this worksheet I call



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