Posted by: waynebreitbarth | April 16, 2012

LinkedIn Groups: Are You Missing This Opportunity?

“Wayne does an exceptional job of explaining how to use a combination of individual employee profiles and company/product pages to improve your company’s branding and sales opportunities on Linkedin.”


That’s what one attendee said of my newest live class, “Unlocking LinkedIn’s Corporate Marketing Potential.” I hope you will join me this week for one of the following Corporate Marketing classes:  
Appleton, Wisconsin:  Wed., April 18, 11:30am-1:30pm  Get details and register here
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On to this week’s tip.

My most recent LinkedIn user survey showed Groups to infographic groupsbe most people’s favorite feature on LinkedIn. However, the results also show most people are not taking full advantage of this powerful tool.   


LinkedIn allows you to join fifty groups, but only 10.4% of the survey respondents reported belonging to fifty groups. There are currently more than 1.2 million LinkedIn groups. Download my free resource “LinkedIn Groups – Ca$h in on This Powerful Tool” to learn about finding the best groups for you.  


So, what is holding people back from joining more groups? Most people tell me it’s because they don’t want to get all those annoying emails. Well, with one small setting change, you will only receive emails from your most important groups. Then check the activity in other groups as frequently as you prefer. After you change this email setting in your current groups, start searching for a few new groups. Then you will be on your way to increasing your effectiveness with LinkedIn’s #1 feature.


Here is how to review and revise the email setting for your groups:

linkedin group notifications 

To learn more about how you can benefit from joining LinkedIn groups, here is a helpful excerpt from my bestselling book “The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success: Kick-Start Your Business, Brand and Job Search”:

“Groups are very easy to join, and you can belong to as many as fifty at any time. I recommend joining close to that amount. Here are some of the most compelling reasons to join groups:

1. You will be found.

2. You will find others who have similar affiliations or interests.

3. Joining groups in which your customers, suppliers, or vendors hang out is a way to connect, answer questions, and share resources, expertise, and events.

4. You will find job opportunities, because every group has a tab for available positions at members’ companies.

5. You can become a credible expert by answering questions and posting articles of interest for the entire group to see.

6. In groups, people talk about events they are involved in, and this may help you find activities of interest to you.

7. You can promote an event you are hosting to a group of people who have the same interests.

8. You can search within groups and communicate with members to whom you are not officially connected.”


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