Posted by: waynebreitbarth | October 17, 2011

LinkedIn Just Gave Your Company A Voice (Status Updates)

I know in the past you have heard me gripe and complain about changes being made to LinkedIn, but this week I have some great news for you on a recent change that I think you are really going to love. 
Many of us have learned the power of the individual’s Status Updates and the kind of information sharing and marketing that is appropriate in the social media space, including LinkedIn. Well, now there’s great news for you if you are involved in marketing for your company. You now have Company Status Updates as one of your new LinkedIn marketing tools. 
I will have much more on strategy and usage for this feature as we get down the road a bit, but I want to get you up and running. I found the following two resources directly from LinkedIn, and they are very well done. After watching the video, grab this download with directions on how to get set up and the Top 10 tips for updating your Company Status. I couldn’t have said it better myself. 
Post a Company Status Update on LinkedIn
Post a Company Status Update on LinkedIn

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