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Happy LinkedIn New Year

Happy 2011 to all my LinkedIn Friends:

Let me start this new year off by thanking you all for listening to my weekly ramblings about life, business, and LinkedIn. I really enjoy writing to you and look forward to starting the year off with new and improved ideas and concepts relating to this one-of-a-kind business tool. This will be my last reminder to encourage you to take just a few minutes and share your thoughts and opinions on your LinkedIn usage by completing my 2011 LinkedIn User Survey. In the new year, I will be sharing the results of the survey as part of my weekly tips, so that everyone can benefit from this important information. You can complete the survey by either clicking the link below or pasting it into your browser:


Next week I will share with you my always-popular start-of-the-year LinkedIn tip, but this week I wanted to make sure you had another chance to take the survey.

And as long as you are reading, I can’t help but share an update on a major enhancement that LinkedIn has made with Groups. Actually, I will let you decide whether it is an enhancement or not. LinkedIn has just allowed all groups to elect to be “open,” which means all postings will be viewable and searchable by everyone on the worldwide Web and not just the members of the group and only when logged into LinkedIn. This will be a very interesting change that we all will want to keep our eyes on. Only a few of the groups I belong to have made the election. At first blush, this may sound really great, but one of the reasons you may have joined a group is because you wanted to communicate with a specific group of people who have something in common and not the entire population of the world. Here is how LinkedIn is describing this change:

Open groups work as follows:

1. In open groups, anyone on the Web can view and share the discussions created after the group becomes “open.”

2. Discussions in an open group are considered public discussions and will be indexed by search engines.

3. In addition to viewing and sharing discussions, LinkedIn members who are not in the group may be able to participate, depending on the moderation settings the managers have chosen for the group.

Members-only groups work as follows:

1. Only members of the group can view and participate in the group’s discussions.

2. Discussions will not be indexed by search engines.

3. Members-only groups will be indicated by the introduction of a padlock icon next to the title of the group.

4. Discussions cannot be shared to products like Facebook® or Twitter®.

Switching a group from a members-only to an open group works as follows:

1. All existing groups will have the option of switching to an “open” group. This change can only be made once and cannot be undone.

2. If the group owner decides to switch an existing group to an “open” group, all discussions created while the group was members-only will be available in a members-only, read-only archive and not indexed by search engines.

3. If the group switches to open, each group member will be notified of the switch through an informational message they must click through when entering the group.

My initial thought is that this is not good. However, with some additional moderation tools that have also been added for the group manager, it may all turn out just fine and maybe—just maybe—better. But to me, it sounds like it has the potential to be a bit “spammy.” This could be just another case of my being that old guy who hates change. Stay tuned.

Miscellaneous News and Notes–

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Wednesday February 23, 2011

Wayne’s LinkedIn Power Formula Training for Beginners

M&M Office Interiors; 5:00 PM – 7:30 PM

I hope all of you have a great 2011.


Wayne C. Breitbarth


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